Bonitas Multi Academy Trust

Meet our Members

As charitable companies, academy trusts are required to have members.  With a similar role to that of shareholders of a company limited by shares, members hold the trust board to account for the effective governance of the trust.  Whilst their involvement in running the trust is minimal, they have a number of critical decisions that sit within their remit, including the appointment of trustees, appointment of the trust’s external auditors and receipt of the audited annual accounts and report on the performance of the trust and effectiveness of its governance.


Our current members are:

Name Date of Appointment
Bishop of Reading, Right Reverend Olivia Graham 19.11.19
Chris Juden 06.07.23
Marion Standing (representing the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education) 04.12.19
Rachel Phillips (Chair of Board of Trustees) 17.10.19
Robert Wilkins 06.07.23
Simon Goldring 31.05.22