Bonitas Multi Academy Trust


Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.  We are a trust based on a family of schools with shared values, a common ethos and vision, who celebrate the individuality and uniqueness at the heart of each school’s community.    We pursue excellence in education and learning, and ensure that everyone in our community - children, staff, parents/carers - flourish.   We are welcoming of those of all faiths and world views, who are sympathetic to our core trust values of goodness, integrity and moral excellence.  I hope that you will be encouraged to find out more about Bonitas, whether you are a parent/carer, a potential staff member or a school considering whether to join our community.  In every case we are focused on developing meaningful and supportive partnerships.   Please do get in contact

Rupert Moreton, Chief Executive Officer 

CEO (ID 1048)

  • Rupert Moreton