Bonitas Multi Academy Trust

Our Vision

To build a trust based on a family of schools with shared values, a common ethos and vision, who celebrate the individuality and strengths at the heart of each school’s community.    We are committed to developing meaningful partnerships focused on driving excellence across education to ensure all our children and staff flourish.  We place all our children and staff at the centre of everything we do.




This guides how we think and act.   It binds all relationships together bringing with it trust and hope.  It is best expressed in very frequent small acts of kindness and generosity.


This ensures that we conduct ourselves in line with our values.  That we are honest and treat each other with respect.  That we are reflective and hold ourselves responsible for our actions.


Our actions are determined by what is right and not what is easy or expedient.  We have the courage and fortitude to ensure that our behaviour always adheres to the highest standards. 


Strategic Objectives

Improving the quality of education for all

  • Ensure that all our children experience a rich, well considered and appropriate curriculum

Improve teaching and learning, and be at the forefront of pedagogy

Develop lasting partnerships inside and outside of the trust to improve our practice 

Promote exciting and rewarding development opportunities for all our staff

  • Provide support and challenge of leadership at all levels
  • Embed coaching and mentoring for all staff 

Establish a Central Services Team to guarantee:

- Strong Governance

- Safe and well maintained schools

- Financially secure

- Robust and resilient processes supporting staff more effectively

- Cutting edge technology systems